The way

The way

The aoidos went for those who were present
for those who had all and those who had not.
With beauty he seduces, with truth he convinces.
Between what he takes and what he creates
one or the other, it´s hard to gather.
The aoidos plays and memory over eyes lays
what enlightens inside makes blind outside
He tells the tale as if he had been there
as if he saw before he was.
If you have ears, if you can hear
you´ll find your past, you´ll know the rest.
(V. Capossela - Anna)

Theater as Vehicle. Half a quote from Grotowski. But that's acceptable, since he was my door to theater: his words on the performer touched me deeply. Then: theater as vehicle. And communication. A meeting place, like the Agora.

You can be a king, a lover, or a killer. You can wear a costume and a mask. Or you can disrobe and create through revelation.

How much unknown energy is inside yourself? In how many ways can this energy flow out?

That lonely, naked human being is putting everything at stake. Body, voice, spirit are being engaged. Rhythm is being played. A landscape is emerging by nothing but a heart beat. And when the stage light  goes off, that's all that's left behind.



Ensemble Aoidos is born.


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Ensemble Aoidos is an open Group. Join us for 2 sessions of Training, and decide if you want to work with us.

Photo: Larissa Cleopatra Petre
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