The way

The way


I was puzzled by these two German words: Wirklichkeit und Realität. I could translate them as Real and Reality, but it doesn't sound the same as in German. Then I asked myself: is there a difference? Everybody can affirm that sight and perception are not the same. But here there's not a juxtaposition of external and internal reality. It's just the external reality.
But how real is reality? To what extent are we able to know reality? Is reality not an illusion? Is illusion a reality?
I looked for an answer to these questions in connection with the creative act of the artist.
The creative person creates his/her own world: poiein - poet. This creation in a few fortunate cases becomes a revelation. It's not a fantasy world, it's the same old world that everybody has before his/her eyes, but is blind to.

That's how I started a journey, with old and new texts and songs, through different characters and the recurrent conflict between illusion and reality. And it became a journey into myself, into my weaknesses and hopes: after all this is the only reality that I can reveal.

Then comes the issue of how this journey could take place on a stage. Which form of expression can still be meaningful in the multimedia era? Words are not enough. "Before images words die" says one of my characters (Cassandra). So, I started creating images that move and melt into each other. The body supports the voice and the voice finds a place in the body. They call it "resonate"!
From tension to release, from sweat to pleasure, words and actions create a process, a search and a testimony that develops before the spectators, with their consent.  

The journey started with the child who becomes a woman and shakes off  the illusions of her upbringing. Continued with the pianist who backs out of the external world and its endless possibilities and lives out her dreams. Then came the woman who becomes an artist and chooses solitude over convenience. Finally the loner who wants to be a seer to offer a testimony to any blind  human being who is there to listen.  

This reality I would like to offer: the one that surfaces in the performance space through the actor, something that reveals itself through a few simple objects and still has a life of its own.
    Camille Claudel - Profonde Pensée