The way

The way


Theater Laboratorium
A  workshop from training to performance


A work-shop is a place for discovery and creation. Here you don't learn a guaranteed method nor do you get a diploma, but you release and develop your creative powers. Theater offers the conditions that make this possible, and precisely a theater  as the ancient Greeks intended it, as drama=action. The working techniques come from Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba. Some games and activities were noted down by Alschitz and Barker.

I, Anna, the leader of the Laboratorium, worked with masters Peter Rose (7 years), Raul Iaiza and Dawid Zakowski (two 6-day Open Sessions), Zygmunt Molik (a 5-day workshop). I learn singing and iI´m a performer and a teacher. I speak German, English and Italian. The Laboratorium´s language is German, if necessary, others.

1) Body-voice training

·     presence
  ·    flexibility
·    action-reaction
·    impulse
·    unfolding of one's own energy
  ·    breathing
·    body resonance
·    finding/developing one's own voice
·    texts and songs

Body and voice are considered a unity, since the voice is born in the body and the single body parts react to the resonance. This unity is the foundation of rhythm, the most important element in every performance and  in a vital, energetic life.

2) From exercises to dramatic actions
The exercises become body language, personal poetry and  life-story. They are combined and developed, until a dramatic action comes out of them.  At the same time you work with texts, songs, objects and musical instruments.

         3) Composition  and  performance

The last work phase leads to montage of the individual work and to a public representation of a collective performance, which will probably be in December 2015.
Comfortable, firm clothes are needed. You work barefoot or with  non-slip socks.


The Laboratorium is divided into 2 Modules. Every Module covers ca. 3 months with weekly 3-hour-sessions on Saturday afternoons. The third stage of the Laboratorium (composition and performance) starts in the 2nd Module.

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