The way

The way

Ensemble Aoidos


Ensemble Aoidos


is born in May 2016 in Bologna, Italy.

In Mai 2019 Aoidos is:

Andrea - Anna - Aura - Dalila - Eleonora - Greta - Jessica - Laura - Lisa - Luca - Matteo - Stefania.

We train on body and voice, explore, relate and create.

Ensemble Aoidos is a self-produced theater group.

We are looking for more participants, people with an interest in being creative, in developing themselves, in being involved in an artistic search.

Contact me if you´re interested:

We work at the Associazione Culturale Menomale, via Pepoli 1/a, Bologna

Most photos  are by Larissa Cleopatra.
Visit her site here.

Our first project was "The Sandman" (L´Uomo della Sabbia), an original performance based on texts by E.T.A. Hoffmann.
The script has been created by me.  Luciano, Matteo and Valeria worked with me toward performance, in body, voice, spiritual power.


New members joined the ensemble in January 2017, in 2018 and 2019.
Ensemble Aoidos is an open, fluid, reality, constantly engaged in a process of development and artistic and personal research.

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Next Performances have been: Homeless (2017), Polar Star (2018), Settima Solitudine (2018-19), Fuori della Porta (2019)