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The way

About Anna

I live in Bologna. I was born and raised in Italy. I studied foreign languages and literature and later pursued my interests in linguistics, mythology and anthropology. I wanted to make teaching language more creative and challenging and that's how I found the trail of
Jerzy Grotowski.

I worked with Peter Rose/Practical Works in Berlin between 2007 and 2015 training body and voice, creating performances, taking part into different initiatives. In 2008, in Wroclaw, I attended a workshop by Zygmunt Molik, member of the Theater Laboratorium of Jerzy Grotowski. I also visited Wroclaw and the Grotowski Institute for other Work Sessions and to present the Performance The Swinging Door, together with Peter Rose, in 2014.

My original solo performances since 2008 include: Liebe Pritti (15 Min.), Wirklichkeit und Realität (15 Min.), Camille (20 Min.), Der Zug hat gepfiffen (15 Min.), La Vérité (50 Min).



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